31 Stunning Adventure Instagram Accounts

Mon, Aug, 21, 2017

Planning your next adventure? There’s little better than flicking through Instagram finding inspiration for your next place to explore. We’ve done the hard work for you and found 31 amazing adventure Instagram accounts that you really need to follow.

1.   Thisworldexists

Not only do thisworldexists post some of the best adventure travel photos you could imagine, they're actually a pretty great organisation. Working to help maximise education outcomes in disadvantaged communities in developing countries.

2. Gotow

If the wild, wonderful West Virgina (born and raised) isn’t on your adventure list then it certainly needs to be. Gotowv show exactly why:

3. Surf.climb.jess

It’s pretty obvious what you’ll be getting from Jess. Epic photos of climbing & surfing across the world.

4. Julianbialowas

Living the adventure life in San Francisco, Julian is one of our favourite photographers. Expect to see breathtaking shots of mountains mixed in with stunning lakes, even featuring the occasional brown bear.

5. Jimmy_Chin

No list would be complete without Jimmy. World renowned National Geographic Photographer, you’ve almost certainly seen his photos at some point. His most recent escapade to Alberta a case in point.

6. Scottborrero

Great Scott this guy is a good. Scott brings to life adventure more than most. If you’re anything like us you’ll be getting lost through his last 1,700 photos once you follow him.

 7. Kirehajba 

He may not have a huge following but Kire’s photos are phenomenal. He’s been exploring the world for a while now but we particularly love his photos of beautiful Macedonia.

8.  Wheresandrew  

Another one who work’s for the ever brilliant National Geographic. Andrew’s travels across the world, writing about his adventures in four books. Every photo is taken with an iPhone.

9. Unrealhawaii

‘This week on unreal hawaii’. Designer and photographer David runs this stunning account that brings to life Hawaii’s adventure travelling underbelly.

10. Sy_azlan

Syed Azlan mostly covers the beauty of South-East Asia, with particularly epic adventure travel shots of Cambodia. His next home is Vietnam so expect some magnificent shots over the next few months.

11. Adventureinspired

These guys are forever seeking the perfect basecamp. Aggregating photos from across Instagram using #adventureinspired, this is the perfect place to get inspiration for your next adventure.

12. Muenchmax

Where do you start with this Berlin based photographer? Hidden ice caves in Bavaria for starters. Taken across the world he posts some of the best mountain photography out there.

13. Treyratcliff

Trey runs the brilliant travel blog 'Stuck in Customs'. Legendary composer Hanz Zimmer of Interstellar, Gladiator has gone on record as saying Trey’s photos helped inspire him. Even inviting him to take photos of Hanz’ studio. If that’s not a ringing endorsement we’re not sure what is..

14. Taylormichaelburk

Albertan photographer, Taylor Burk is on another level at times with his photos. Mountains, lakes, and the open road feature heavily and we love it.

15. Fursty

A proper outdoor adventure photographer. Dylan's stunning photography couldn’t be more inspiring.

16. Andy_best

Living a nomadic lfiestyle out of his camper. Andy chases high peaks and delves deep into the backcountry more than most people on Instagram.

17. Kylehouck

Kyle’s adventure photos will inspire you to book the next flight over to the Pacific North West.

18. Alliemtaylor

One of the curators of the brilliant @themodernvoyage. There’s some amazing about seeing Allie sitting on the edge of stunning mountain.

19. RobStrok

The other curator of @themodernvoyage. If you love Allie’s photos you’ll be right at home with Rob’s. Also sits way too close to the edge of giant falls.

20. Namkcaps

Jeff keeps things simple and mostly covers the extreme beauty of Alberta (a running theme in this blog!)

21. Scott_kranz

Delving deep through mountains and caves Scott is one hell of an explorer.

22. Adventurehan

We absolutely love Hannah’s photos. She’s been adventuring since she climbed Mount Vesuvius when she was just 6 years old and runs the brilliant blog 'That Adventurer

23. Travelgretl

Gretl is a Dutch travel vlogger (you really need to subscribe to her YouTube channel whilst you're here. Covering some of the less exotic but still stunning locations - her most recent escapade to Jordan a prime example.

24. _gypsycouple

This Indian couple travel the world the Gypsy way, you’ll see a lot of things you won’t find elsewhere on Instagram. Also run the fantastic blog Gypsy Couple

25. _markfitz

An Ambassador for gopro in Australia and New Zealand. You'll find some of the best ocean photography in the world from Mark.

26. Travelfreak_

Featured by National Geographic, Jeremy of travelFREAK.net has been travelling for over 5 years and every photo just seems to get better.

27. Abandonedearth  

There are so many places out there that have been abandoned that are just ready for an adventure, Abandoned Places features these wonderfully.

28. Lily__rose

French based photographer Lily takes magnificent photos of her travels. Her blog 'My Name is Lily Rose' is a wonderful source of inspiration for adventure travel.

29. Jacob

Based in London, Jacob travels the world and runs the equally great @beautifuldestinations Instagram account. His photography and storytelling are fantastic.

30. Joeyjs

There's an avalanche of amazing adventure photography from Joey. You’ll find stunning shots of mountains and epic climbing photography.

31. FGImages

Francis Galvez photos are truly stunning. Capturing moments across the world from the Vatican to the Great Wall of China.

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